Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Raychel is coming back today. We took her home on Monday and she realized yesterday that she should probably not be alone. Raychel is really becoming the artist, she has been practicing with pencil drawing flowers and then using colored pencils to shadow them in. Well she does not want to get bored with it so we are trying to think of some crafts she can do. She does not sew and is not interested in it. Being so malnourished and have more frequent seizures lately her thought process has a hard time processing things so it needs to be something easy.

Any suggestions?

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Christina said...

I need my whole brain for most creative i'm not a good one to know. But maybe try some simple crochet projects. What about watercolor painting? Or even watercolor pencils. Embroidery? Show her all the cool stuff online and she might be interested in that. Cross stitch? Hmm...might be too many little holes to count. Makes me go cross-eyed sometimes. I would say painting if she likes the drawing so much. Joanns always has great deals on their easels and canvases. Is there any help for the seizures with some phenobarbital? Having watched them for years in my dog, I can't imagine having to see them in my daughter. I'm glad to hear she is coming to stay with you. It will be good for both of you to know she is close by. I really do hope things start to turn around for her. She is constantly in my thoughts.