Friday, February 27, 2009

We left Apache Junction AZ on Monday morning and drove to Albuquerque NW. Tuesday we drove to Oklahoma City Ok and then on Wednesday we drove to Nashville TN. Thursday we drove to Winchester VA and today we delivered Jean's car to her about 50 miles outside of Harrisburg PA. We are now in a hotel in Columbus OH and will be home (Minneapolis) tomorrow night. It has been so much fun but will be good to be home to see our kids and sleep in our own bed.

Jean is selling her home in PA and will be living in AZ year around. She is big into crocheting. She taught me how to crochet oval rugs, they are beautiful. Well when we got to her house she gave me 6 plastic garbage bags full of yarn. Mike is not able to see out the back windows. When we got to the hotel and opened up the back hatch yarn started falling out. We laughed so hard. Mike said someone is going to see us and think we are homeless with all the plastic garbage bags. He just cracks me up. We also celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary on Wednesday seeing the country. Would have been more fun if we had been in the same car.

Can't wait to get home and spend a little quality time in my sewing room. I have projects to work on.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Well we made it to our friends in Phoenix last Tuesday and had a wonderful time. Our friends neighbor is from Pennsylvania and has a home there and a home in Phoenix. She was leaving this Wednesday to drive back to Pennsylvania to sell her home there. She got a call yesterday morning that her son was in the hospital and not doing well. She was trying to figure out a way to fly home and get her car back to Pennsylvania also. Well long story short Mike and I left Phoenix this morning, Mike in our car and I in Jean's car. We are traveling across country to the east coast, dropping her car with her and then home to Minnesota. Talk about a road trip. The only issue I have with this whole thing is no sewing.

Hope everyone is doing well. I am getting some time to get caught up with all my favorite blogs.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The temp here in Minneapolis is 4 degrees and we are leaving in 2 hours for our road trip. Our 1st stop is Wichita KS and the temp there right now is 21 degrees. Tomorrow morning morning we will be off to Santa Fe NM and the temp there right now is 25 degrees. Tuesday Morning we will be on our way to Phoenix and the temp there right now is 46 degrees. We are hoping for some warm weather. We are so excited. I will be taking pictures of our trip.

Finished 2 quilts yesterday so I can bring them with to sew the binding on. I actually find I enjoy hand sewing it passes the time and what is nice to step away from the sewing machine and just sew. The other plus to hand sewing is I can still work on my quilts being so far from my sewing machine.

Till Later

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I have the sampler all pieced together I just need to get the store to buy the batting. I am going to just do some real simple machine quilting on it, I don't want to make it any more busy than it is. I will probably just stitch in the ditch. I also need to get the one I worked on at Pat's on the frame and get that one quilted.

The other night I met Pat, my sister in law, half way. We met at this wonderful quilt shop and then dinner. For the first time in my life I walked out of a store that had fabric in it with empty hands. I was so shocked. I guess for the first time I thought about all the fabric I already have and nothing really jumped out at me. The fat quarters were $2.99 each and I find this so not a good deal. I have bought fat quarters at quilt shows just because they are always such a great deal at those shows.

The reason I want to get the 2 quilts done is Mike and I have decided that we are doing a road trip. On Feb. 16th we are leaving Minneapolis and driving to a friends in Santa Fe New Mexico. We will stay with him for one night and then we will go onto Phoenix. My best friend moved there 1-1/2 years ago and even thou it has gotten easier to not have her right here I still miss her so much. We were going to drive our car which is a 2004 Honda Civic my boss thought it would be better for us to rent a car so he did that for us. I had gotten laid off on December 15th and he thought I should have gotten paid for Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Years day. I work for a family owned company and he is my boss and then above him is the hateful Mom. So he paid for our car rental. This will be so nice to not have to worry about the car breaking down, not like we thought it would but you never know. We will start heading back home on Feb. 23rd. So I am going to will be having plenty of time to hand sew the binding so I want to get these 2 quilts done.

Till later