Sunday, February 15, 2009

The temp here in Minneapolis is 4 degrees and we are leaving in 2 hours for our road trip. Our 1st stop is Wichita KS and the temp there right now is 21 degrees. Tomorrow morning morning we will be off to Santa Fe NM and the temp there right now is 25 degrees. Tuesday Morning we will be on our way to Phoenix and the temp there right now is 46 degrees. We are hoping for some warm weather. We are so excited. I will be taking pictures of our trip.

Finished 2 quilts yesterday so I can bring them with to sew the binding on. I actually find I enjoy hand sewing it passes the time and what is nice to step away from the sewing machine and just sew. The other plus to hand sewing is I can still work on my quilts being so far from my sewing machine.

Till Later