Friday, February 27, 2009

We left Apache Junction AZ on Monday morning and drove to Albuquerque NW. Tuesday we drove to Oklahoma City Ok and then on Wednesday we drove to Nashville TN. Thursday we drove to Winchester VA and today we delivered Jean's car to her about 50 miles outside of Harrisburg PA. We are now in a hotel in Columbus OH and will be home (Minneapolis) tomorrow night. It has been so much fun but will be good to be home to see our kids and sleep in our own bed.

Jean is selling her home in PA and will be living in AZ year around. She is big into crocheting. She taught me how to crochet oval rugs, they are beautiful. Well when we got to her house she gave me 6 plastic garbage bags full of yarn. Mike is not able to see out the back windows. When we got to the hotel and opened up the back hatch yarn started falling out. We laughed so hard. Mike said someone is going to see us and think we are homeless with all the plastic garbage bags. He just cracks me up. We also celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary on Wednesday seeing the country. Would have been more fun if we had been in the same car.

Can't wait to get home and spend a little quality time in my sewing room. I have projects to work on.

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