Monday, October 17, 2011

Vacation with the girls

 My original plans for my vacation with the girls was to leave on Wednesday, Oct 5th, and coming home on Tuesday, Oct 11th, but that got changed.  The week before my trip my boss was diagnosed with a tumor in his head the size of his hand and was cancer.  I work for a small family owned road construction company and it is my boss, Stevie, and his sister, Shari and are more like family than employers.  His surgery was on Oct 3rd and it took them 18 hours and 3 different surgeons.  Was a long day of waiting and waiting and even thou it was a long surgery it was a successful surgery.  He will still have to do radiation and chemo but he will make it thru that and that is all that matters.

I have never flown from Minnesota going east in the early morning.  I have never seen such a amazing sunrise than from a plane at 35,000 feet.  I always feel so blessed when I get to experience these moments.

This is what I saw when I came around the corner of the airport.  My friends, Jean on the far left, Bonnie in the middle and then Jean's daughter, Laura who was along for the ride.  I was so happy to see the two since I had not seen them since we were all in Phoenix this past winter.  

 When we were taking Laura home we went thru Hershey Pennsylvania which was a very cute town.  I love the street lights, a Hershey Kiss. 
 I have fallen in love with this part of the country.  With Jean growing up in the Lancaster area she didn't realize how 2 woman from other parts of the country would be so interested in what she thought was so normal.  Jean grew up Menonite and really knew the area and the way the people live.  One of the towns we went thru was having a neighborhood yard sales and we had to stop.  Most of the homes in this town were either Menonite or Amish which I loved walking thru the yards and seeing what they all had for sale.  Most homes had baked goods that all had been baked that morning.

 Then finally we made it to our first quilt shop.  This trip I really noticed a huge difference between your local quilt shops and the Amish quilt shops.  The Amish shops have all the major brands at half the price of the local quilt shops.  This particular quilt shop had Moda Fabrics for $5.99/yd and beautiful batiks for $3.97/yd.  How could this be.  I did load up on 21 different batiks with a particular pattern I have been wanting to make.

I love the simple life. 

 I could not resist.  Unfortunately I was in the backseat trying to get this picture thru the windshield.  A little hazy but how adorable is he?
 We were stopping at a little shop at a farmer's house that Jean knew and the shop owner's son was out in the field plowing.  My husband can't even get our son to help mow the law with the self propeled lawn mower.