Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mike's home. When he saw the cardiologist on Wednesday she told him to stop wearing the nitroglycerin patch and so yesterday he had an episode that lasted about 50 minutes. They are thinking because he was not wearing his patch anymore the heart must have had a contraction and then when he took the nitroglycerin it calmed down. He will now be wearing the patch from this point on.

I brought Raychel home with me this afternoon, she lost 2 more pounds which puts her at 86. We are hoping the tube feedings kick in soon.

Was able to get another block done and I will post tomorrow pictures of the ones that are done. This last one was not any easy one to do it had a lot of very small squares.

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Jean said...

Glad he is doing ok now. Why on earth did she tell him to take off the patch?