Thursday, January 15, 2009

I have been Tagged

My friend, Amy, has tagged me. I guess the rules are go to your 4th folder of pictures and pick the 4th picture. Well this is mine. When my Dad passed away we put together a group of pictures for the funeral that were shown one after another on a overhead screen. This is my Dad and my two neices. My Mom and Dad never missed my nephews softball games. What is funny about this picture is my Mom and Dad had never been to a bar or had never drank, so on this very hot day my Dad walked down to this bar and bought that hat. I guess if you had to know my Dad to understand why this was funny. I guess that was the hat that my Dad wore everytime he would go to a game. My Mom put that hat in the casket with my Dad.

I am now suppose to tag 4 people and this is who I choose:




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Amy said...

Thank you so much for participating, thanks for sharing about your father.have a great evening.