Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Amy, a good friend that I have made thru blog land has given me a nice comment on her blog. It is this:
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I never thought I would meet good friends like this while writing about my love for quilting and all the other little things in my life that effect me. Amy is a very kind, kind woman and she really does inspire me to push myself when it comes to sewing and in other parts of my life.

I guess what I am to do now is list 5 addictions:
1: Sewing - mainly quilts I did my time of sewing cloths when my kids were little and that is what I could afford.

2: Fabric
- Since I was little I would love to go to fabric stores and just feel the fabric. My Mom is a fabric junkie so I know where I got it.

3: Grandkids
- I am a adopted Grandma and love those kids so much. Raychel will never be able to have children and not sure what Justin's plans are so they are my grandkids. Never new being a Grandma could feel so wonderful.

4: Blog
- I love going on line and reading everyone's blogs. It has been so fun to read about others life expereinces and learning from everyone's quilting. I also just have learned that you can have friends that are not physically with you.

5: Family
- I love my family, my husband and my kids. I would do anything I could possibly pull off for them. Not everything is possible but I sure will try to make it happen.

When I was trying to figure out what my addictions were I thought it was going to be a difficult one to do because the word "addiction" has always had a bad meaning to me but as I name my "addictions" the word had such a good feeling about it.

The 5 blogs that I truely love reading are as follows:
Amy - she is getting it back, I have said it before and will say it again she inspires me to push myself.
- I love reading her blogs she truly loves to craft of all kinds. She makes things look so easy. She also loves to gab as much as I do. One could really learn a lot from her.
Megan - I love reading Megans blog. You never know what you are going to get with her. She does really nice quilting for a newby.
Jean - Jean is a true teacher and I know when I read her blog I will learn something and if I have questions I know I can email her and she will tell me how to do it or what I am doing wrong.
John - I have said it before I wish my husband sewed like John or had his ability to choose colors like John can. But if that happened I would have to share my fabric and my sewing room and I'm not sure I am ready for that.

It is hard to choose 5 because there are others I like to read when I can. This has become a true addiction.


Amy said...

Cathy Thanks, I am packing up packages today.. I hope the things fit in the envelopes!!! have a great day

Sheila said...

If I make things look easy, it's because they really are! :) Thank you!

John said...

Thanks so much for the nice words, Cathy!