Saturday, January 10, 2009

I am back on unemployment, yeaaaaaa! I know that most people are put into stress mode when this happens but if you worked for the family I work for, unemployment comes at a blessing. This family knows no boundaries. I will now be able to sew and chip away at my list of "what have you been waiting for" chores and all those wonderful quilt projects.

Raychel is coming over today to spend a few days with Mike and I. She sent me a text last night that she weighed in at 90lbs . My heart came out of my chest and someone walked by and stepped on it. I guess I have gone into denial mode here and keep thinking that she is going to wake up and feel better. I don't understand why things like this happen and why to my daughter. I know that sounds selfish but that is how I feel honestly. Faith of any sort just does not seem to be doing the trick with my attitude right now.

I have talked about how I want to buy a digital camera so I can talk pictures of my quilts without having to wait for others to share their camera with me. I have been looking around and my boss was saying to make sure I get one with no less the 8 pixels. Does that sound right? He has a camera that is amazing and sounds like he spent over a $1200 on it. Unemployment is pushing me into making making sure that this is a purchase I really want to make. I got $100 from my boss for Christmas (plus a pair of crocks for wearing when I am at my quilt frame) and then the other day I got an envelope in the mail that had $100 in it without no name. A very nice surprise in the mail. Can't say that happens often. I am sure that it was my oldest brother, he does things like that for my Mom and he knows that Mike and I are in a financial place we have not been in before. Anyway back to the camera. I can take some of this money and buy a camera or I can save it to fix our motor home that we cracked a cylinder head on and need to get that fixed. Mike and a mechanic from my work are going to fix it together but we need money for parts and to pay the mechanic for helping out. I guess I could always use Raychel's camera she is always happy to share.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and I will post pictures tomorrow what I have worked on (with Raychel's camera).

Till Later


Viv said...

i only have 7 megapixels on mine, a nice cheap one. Its more than enough.

Christina said...

8 mpx is great, you could really get away with less, especially if you are just interested in posting to your blog, or emailing photos. You had better spend that money on a camera! I can understand a motor home needing repair, but I think the money would be better spend on a camera at this time. Do something nice for yourself. This link talks about what the various megapixel sizes are good for:

Jean said...

I say buy what you can afford. There are some nice cameras out there for around $100- $150. Shutter speed is also important, though I admit, I don't know that much about them. Watch for sales, I think there will be some now with sales in a slump with the economy.

I am glad you will be getting unemployment so you can enjoy the time off. When will things pick up so you can go back?

Lori in South Dakota said...

Unless you are taking pictures to be blow up to be humongous, don't bother. Mine was a cheap little camera (I probably paid $60 for it a long time ago) and it works fine for my blog, family photos, etc. It is only 3.1 mp, but has a 5x zoom I use a lot. Find one that is easy to use.