Saturday, December 13, 2008

[kreataiv_blogger_award.jpg] I just cannot believe that I have received my first reward. How exciting I was not sure my blog was looked at much. I received this from the The Bitchy Sticher, the moment I started reading her blog I knew this was one I would read as long as she wrote. She cracks me up besides being so real about everything in her life and I love that she swears. I don't think that I will have any problems sending on this award to some bloggers that I truly enjoy reading.

So here are the bloggers that I would love to forward this blog award onto:

First is Amy from where ever their work takes them. This is a woman that travels the country for her and her husbands work and manages to make beautiful quilts in her very nice 5th wheel. Talk about a wonderful sewing room. Can you imagine the wonderful quilt shop opportunities she comes across?

Second is Jean from Council Bluffs Iowa. I love reading her blog and I love that she reads mine. She makes beautiful quilts and I just like looking thru her pictures, she inspires me.

Third is
Christina I love the colors this woman chooses. She does tutorials that I always enjoy going thru. Again this is one that really inspires me to go after the colors that I love and to put them all together.

Forth is Mary Her blog she is well followed and for good reason. She is a woman with a big heart and does quilts for Heartstring Project. What a wonderful gift she offers. She also is kind enough to have a website where you can go and download her projects with great tutorials on how to. The big plus is she is from Minneapolis and Coon Rapids where I live is a suburb to that great city.

Fifth is John, I wish he was my husband or should I say I wish my husband sewed like John. Talk about being able to put colors together. You can tell by his blog that he loves to quilt and sew and he loves his family.

I always thought it would be fun to get an award but never new it would be this exciting.


John said...

Wow, what a nice thing to say! Thanks for the award!!

Christina said...

Thank you for the award! It is very exciting to recieve, isn't it! Thank you for saying such lovely things about my colors and tutorials. It's so nice to hear that someone enjoys the work we go through on our blogs. It's very encouraging. I'm terrible about commenting, but I do check in on your blog, especially to see how your daughter is doing. That is so terrible what she has had to endure. We traveled to Spain in May 2006 for my mom to have a duadinal switch and I was so scared how it would turn out. She is fortunate in that everything seems to be working out fine. Your daughter is in my thoughts and I hope things turn out well for her.

Jean said...

Thanks so much, what a nice end to a very busy, crazy week.Thanks for all the nice comments about my blog, I enjoy reading yours too. I think it is always inspiring to see what others are doing, it really puts us in the mood to create! I will have to check out these other award winning blogs!