Sunday, December 7, 2008

First I want to share this cd with everyone else. It is a great program for a great bargain $39.00. I have designed 5 different quilts that I would love to do. I can scan in fabrics and download the newest fabrics out there. I guess it is a cheaper version of EQ. When my Sister in Law was here last weekend she played with it a lot. Check it out.

My wall hanging is up. I put in in my living room instead of my entryway. It was very exciting to put it up so I can have others enjoy it hopefully as much as I do.

This is a quilt I threw together about 1-1/2 years ago. It was the first quilt I put on my frame and machine quilted. I used it to practice on and did a pretty bad job. I figured I would bind it and have it for the grandson when he comes, it is very soft flannel. He will like it, it has cowboys on it.


Jean said...

I haven't heard of that program. I have EQ 4 and love it, and really want EQ 6, but haven't wanted to spend the money....your wally looks nice on the wall.

Jean said...

Forgot to say, like the new look. Where did you get it?

Amy said...

I said it once and say it again I love the wallhanging, I seen another program at Joanns,, but not sure if thats the name,,, I will write it down and check next time I go... please let me know how Raychel likes the product... I will send her another goodie next week. thanks for the comment, Amy