Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I am so excited. I hate to say it out loud but here it is. Mike and I are leaving on Friday and going out to my sister in law's. Mike is going to work on the motorhome and Pat and I are going to spend Saturday at the quilt show her guild is putting on. This will be my first time going to this show. They have one every other year. The first time I was going to go my Dad's funeral was that weekend and then 2 years later Raychel was so ill and I could not be that far from home. Well here I am, it is Wednesday and everything is quite.

I really need a quilt show to help me figure out what my next quilt is going to be. I have a lot of different fabrics bundled together for probably 5 more quilts but I have bought all this over the last few years. As I went through all of it last weekend trying to clean things up nothing really got me excited. Of course all the fabric I just had to have and could not live without is not what I want now. I realized I am one that should always buy for what I want to make now because I probably won't want to do it in 2 years. For example I saw this quilt in a magazine and just had to make it for my bosses little boy that she had just adopted. Well I called all over the country tracking down this fabric and finally found it out east somewhere and had it shipped to me. Well now 3 years later he now is 6 and it probably is not appropriate now. I know no one having a little boy. I guess I could make it and hang onto it for that next great nephew that is born. Now that does not sound fun to me.

Just realized I have to get ready to go to work.



Jean said...

ooh what fun! I love quilt shows. I am going to go to the MQS in KC in a few weeks. I am really excited about that too!

Christina said...

I'm still catching up... It looks like the quilt show did help you decide on your next quilt...and i'm very excited to see it!