Friday, April 3, 2009

I had such great plans for this weekend. Mike is leaving for Council Bluffs IA today and my plans were to organize all my fabrics and my kitchen. Mike has been having some heart issues since we went to Arizona and he is not comfortable going by himself so I am going with him. I talked to the cardiologist yesterday and they want him to take his Plavix at night instead of the morning. Half of the time in the morning he gets a tightness in his chest, trouble breathing, nausea and some disorientation. The nurse was saying that he might have another blockage but it could be the diabetes. Mike's heart attacks were in December and also diagnosed diabetic at the same time. All of this is new to us so it is not easy figuring out what is what. He checks his blood sugars when this happen and some times it is elevated and other times it is normal. Go figure.

I'm not complaining I am thankful that his heart attacks were not very damaging and this is something he/we can live with.

So if you can't sew the next best thing is quilt shops. I have printed out a map of Council Bluffs with all the quilt shops on it so I am hoping to take the big truck and go exploring while Mike is working. There is a few I am very interested in checking out. Will see.

Winter Storms coming again you would never know it is April 3rd hopefully we will get home on Sunday without to much slipping and sliding.


Jean said...

You are visiting the great metropolis of Council Bluffs? That's where I live! We have 1 quilt shop, Kanesville Quilting, a Hobby Lobby and Hancock Fabrics, which is where I teach quilting classes. I will be there all day Saturday, so if you happen to make that one of your stops, come back to the classroom and say hi! There are some great shops across the river in Omaha too.

Christina said...

A new diabetes and heart diagnosis will take some time to adjust to. He'll get there. If something seems amiss, head to ER...better safe than sorry. You will have so much fun seeing new shops!