Friday, April 10, 2009

After work Mike and I are off to get our motor home. It has been out at my sister-in-laws, Pat, since last fall. We had gone out for Mike's brothers funeral. We drove it out there so Raychel would have somewhere to go if she started not feeling well. She had the service at the farm, it really was more like a celebration of life. On our way home we had broke a fan belt and didn't know it and it over heated and ended up having to have a wrecker come out and tow it back. Thank God for AAA, it would have been a $900 tow. Any way we blew a head gasket and need to go out and start working on it. Well I should really say Mike will start working on it.

For me I get to hang out with Pat. I'm going to bring my pinwheel blocks so I can lay them out on the floor and arrange them in order. I should have this all pieced by the end of this next week. I think I should have it done in time for Kris's birthday in May. I will need to find the backing and that won't be to hard. I really like
finding the backing that is already 108" wide. Will have to see what I find.

Till Later

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Jean said...

Have a fun day with your sister.