Thursday, September 4, 2008

Well no surgery today, they were not able to coordinate the surgeon, g.i. doc and the operating room so it will be tomorrow at 1:30. This actually will work out better Mike is off until next Thursday and I will be off for the weekend.

I am hoping to load the quilt for Ellie. She was born in April and I should really get it done. I picked up the backing today at the quilt shop by work. I still am not real comfortable loading the quilt and then it is the actual machine quilting that I get nervous about. I really need to get out of the meandering that I am always doing. What I need to do is get some muslin and start practicing. I ordered some pantographs and I would like to practice with them or with the stencils that I have purchased. But for right now I will get this quilt loaded and meander it and be done and try to do some practicing before I have to get the next one loaded.

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