Monday, September 8, 2008

Well did not get to the quilting. Mike wanted to go out to see Jessica and Aaron's new place. They have been in their new home since last Sunday and she let him know that this was not acceptable. She is funny. They really do have a beautiful home.

Went in saw Raychel in the afternoon, she is hurting and it seemed to be getting worse. The nurse explained to her that this is normal as she moves around her body needs to get use to it just like working out. Sounds like she is going to come home today, Mike will go get her. She is wanting to go home to her apartment and I am not sure that she will be ok. We asked that she come to our home and Grandma said she could go there for a couple of days. I guess there is nothing like being in your own bed.

Might be able to get some sewing in this week after work. Mike works down at the State line Rally on Saturday and I will be going with. Dawn and Gene will be working that show also and it will be so wonderful to see them. It is a 6 hour drive but it will be worth the company. It also will be nice to get away from home and just hang out and not run between the two girls homes.

Till Later

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