Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ok I feel like this is becoming a blog for everything else besides quilting and that might just be the way it is for right now.

Raychel is not doing well and I'm really not that surprised. Surgeries have never been easy for her. The doctors are not sure right now what actually is going on. She is only getting the feeding tube formula and only her pills are going by mouth. They switched everything over to oral yesterday. She also is have a lot of pain issues but that also is not a surprise. With her being on pain meds for 2-1/2 years they just don't work like they would for someone else. They tell me when someones is very malnurished and dehydrated that can cause a lot of pain by making the muscles contract and spasm. We are hoping that this will help all those issues.

Never got Ellie's quilt loaded and it probably won't happen tonight.

I talked to Dawn and she is going this weekend. I talked to my Mom and she is off all weekend so she said that she can take care of Raychel while I am gone. I really hope that this works out I would love to see Dawn. With them living in Ft Dodge Iowa and us in Minneapolis it is hard for us to get together. It usually ends up being twice a year.

Till Later

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