Friday, August 29, 2008

I am so happy that this 3 day weekend is finally here. I was going to run away to my sister in laws for 2 days and do nothing but go horse back riding and sew. Unfortunately Raychel is not doing well and I decided that it is not worth going far away from home when i don't know if she is going to end up in the hospital or not. With it being Mike and I that she depends on it is to hard to leave.

I have decided that I am going to make this a family / me weekend. I am going to take Raychel grocery shopping, if she is up to it and then we are going to go buy her a kitchen table. We are going to go back to her apartment and just hang out and watch movies and I am going to spend the night. She gets pretty isolated when she is sick and not wanting to get out and hang out with friends so I think it is going to be good to get her to do things.

Mike will be home on Sunday afternoon and will probably come home and hit the couch. I am hoping to load a quilt on the frame so I can get it machine quilted. It will nice to get it to my great niece, she is already 4 months and I should have finished this months ago. Mike has to work on Monday evening and then Tuesday and Thursday all at the Republican Convention in St Paul. He is not very thrilled about these shows but that is part of the job.

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