Monday, August 18, 2008

Well I did not get any quilting done. Boy it is not easy being 49 and taking care of 3 children 2 under the age of 18 months. I do love those kids thou.
Mike is leaving on Thursday and will be gone until the next Wednesday so I will get the 3 quilts done that need to be loaded and quilted. It will be nice to have nothing hanging out there to be finished. I know a lot of quilters who are fine with that but it bugs me knowing that I have unfinished work. I really am not a anal person.
Mike has been gone since Friday and is on his way home. Just found out that he has to go into the studio tonight, bummer. I thought my days of being home alone for days on end were over but I guess on the other had I should be happy he is working and loving his job.
Going with Jess tonight to look at a house, they only have 2 weeks before they have to be out of Karen and Dave's house. Karen is not talking to me right now but her birthday is on Thursday so I am going to send her a card and some money to spend on herself. I'm sure she will talk to me then.

For now.

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