Thursday, August 28, 2008

Well Labor Day weekend is almost here and have been trying to decide what to do. Pat and I made plans for me to come out on Friday right after work and stay until Sunday. We were going to go horse back riding and then sew all afternoon of course. Well I had to decide to stay home and that was such a difficult decision to make. I wanted to go out there so bad but Raychel is not feeling well at all and I don't feel comfortable leaving when she is like this. She is going to have to have the feeding tube put in. I think she is going to end up in the hospital the next few days and that sucks for her and of course I am feeling selfish. I hate it when I act like that she is the one suffering.

My plans for Friday are I am going to come home and try to clean out the basement and try to get things organized. With everything from the front bedroom going into the basement to make room for Justin I want the basement to be organized since that also is my sewing room. I want to take as much as possible to the dump on Saturday morning and put the twin bed down in the area that
Mike use to have his studio in. I think this will make a nice little area for Raychel. This thou is going to take away from where Pat will sleep when she comes for our quilting weekends. I am also going to put the futon in Mikes studio so she could always stay in there. With Rod being sick I am not sure that she will make it in this winter, I will have to go to her. I like her to come in thou so she can use the quilting frame.

Mike came home last night and will be leaving tomorrow. I love it when he comes home. It is funny we seem to talk more when we are on the phone then we do face to face. He is always so tired when he comes in so I try to let him sit on the couch and flip thru channels. We are getting cable put back in next week and he is happy because he will have on demand back, more to watch. Sounds like he is going to be in town next week with the republican convention there is a lot of work.

Till later

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