Friday, November 28, 2008

OK so yesterday went just fine. I was concerned have ten people in my home would be tight and it was but everyone was very cozy. And actually I had 2 extra people show up but it worked. Everything came together right about the same time. We had dinner around 3:00 (we usually do it around 5:00) because my Mom has trouble driving in the dark and she refused to let anyone drive her. When everyone left I started doing dishes and looked up at the clock and it was only 5:00. Kind of nice to have the whole night to just clean up and relax. When one starts at 6:00am preparing and cleaning and everyone sits down to eat and I finally sit down and some were done. It was kind of a let down, thou everyone did continue to sit at the table and visit. A lot of work for it to be done in 30 minutes. Oh well 3 weeks ago we were thinking that Raychel was going to have to stay in the hospital for 1 month and that was where we were going to have dinner. We were together and that was what matter. Started the turkey soup last night, yum.

Pat should be here in about 4 hours and I have everything ready for our sewing orgie (that is what Mike calls it). Last year I think one day I spent the whole day in my pj pants. Pat has to do her hair and makeup everyday, not be that would be time away from the sewing machine. I have 2 different projects I am going to work on and I think I will get through them. I won't have the machine quilted but I will have them ready.

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Jean said...

Ok so how did the quilting orgy go??? Sounds like fun to me, too. Any pictures to share?