Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's turkey day tomorrow and I can't wait. It was going to be just Mike and I and the kids and then Grandma decided she would join us. Then I found out that my two older brothers didn't have anywhere to go so they will be joining us. Then my one brother's roommate, Mary, is also going to come and his daughter. Thank God I bought a 23lb turkey.

Friday is the best day of all. Pat, my sister in law, will be traveling 2 hours to my house to spend 3 days. We will do nothing but eat and sew and I just can't wait. Her and I do this about 4 times from the weekend of Thanksgiving till it is warm. She is my inspiration. With her here is my chance to just think of nothing but sewing and laughing, which we do a lot of. I will post on Sunday what we got done.

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Amy said...

haha funny how ya plan an intimate dinner,, we are doing something in the retreat center and thought only going to be 4 people.. ahem maybe 12 or so. have fun eating and sewing.. Happy Thanksgiving,