Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mike took Raychel back to the hospital. She weighed in at 102 fully clothed. When she went in to have her feeding tube put in she weighed 118 and it seems that it didn't work. She called me last night to tell me that her liver and kidney functions came back not good. I am not sure what the numbers were so I am anxious to talk to the doctors this morning. Mike and I have had such fears since last week and I am very afraid that our fears are being confirmed. I'm not really sure how much longer she can continue like this. We have begged and begged the medical profession to help and they don't want to clean up someone else mistakes. For anyone that might be reading this Raychel had gastric bypass that has gone wrong.

On a quilting note there is a Sewing Expo here in Minneapolis this weekend and my SIL, Pat is coming in with her sister and friend and I think I am going to sneak away and go for awhile. Every so often you just have to take a break.

Till Later.

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