Friday, March 12, 2010

It has been a long time.

I know it has been a long time since a have posted and just not sure why. There has been so much going on in my life since Jan.

We have a HHR which is kind of like a small SUV. When we headed out on our vacation the car was full from the front to back. I was bring down fabric to AZ for the woman that make quilts for the homeless. My friends work at a kitchen that servers a lot of families that are either homeless or just don't have enough money to feed everyone. They mostly make quilts/blankets for the kids. I was figuring that after I unloaded all the fabric from the car we would have a lot more room but that was not the case, I forget that everyone wants to send stuff back to Minnesota for their families. Our car looked like this all the way home.

We stayed with some friends in Santa Fe and boy did we like it there and then it was off to Apache Junction AZ where we stayed for 1 week. When we left AZ we headed to Vegas where we had never been before. We originally were going to San Diego but we really wanted to see the show "Love" in Vegas so that is where we headed. We never got to see the show due to the fact that the tickets were $109 each. We just did not want to spend that kind of money on a show. We stayed at Bills Gambling Hall which was very nice. We got there on a Tuesday afternoon and left there on Friday morning.

When we left Vegas we headed to Santa Monica which was unbelievable. Mike and I have decided that we want to move there as long as we can live on the ocean. It does not need to be Santa Monica but anywhere along the southern west coast. We have already decided that we are going back there next year for 2 weeks and will be flying this time. This surprises me because Mike has only flown once and said he will never fly again but now he has changed his mind. We have never traveled until that last 3 years and up until then he did not understand the reason for it. Now that he has had a taste of it he wants to go all them time. What perfect timing now that our kids are grown and we can afford to travel with some serious saving. We stayed at my bosses place one block off the ocean. Could life be any better then this?

Went to Vince Beach on 2 different Sundays and absolutely loved it. Mike and I could live there. This guy will just stand there still for a long time and people will go up and get their pictures taken next to him and all of a sudden he will go into a Michael Jackson dance and scare everyone.

The next post will be all the quilting I have gotten done since being home.

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Christina said...

It sounds like you had a great time! I love the southern coast, but it is SO expensive to live there. I would live there, though. Glad to hear Mike likes to travel now that the bug has bitten. Aaron and I are anxious to get back to cruises someday.