Monday, March 29, 2010

On Saturday my Mom was going to go to Raychel's so I decided I was going to go over and give her the quilt I made for her. She had an idea that I was making her one but it was still a surprise.  Out of everyone I have ever given a quilt to my Mom appreciates the time and love that has been put into one.  She is the one that got me sewing when I was big enough to get up to the sewing machine.  I think this is how so many woman my age got  sewing and I am so happy she did.  My Mom is not a quilter but does understand the obsession                  

The picture to the right is a quilt that I saw about a year ago on someones blog but never found out the name or the designer.  I printed out a picture of the quilt back then and every so often I would pull the picture out and try to see if I could figure out how to put this quilt together.  I would realize that it was not something I was not able to figure it out and would put it away.  As I was reading one of my favorite blogger, Megan, there the quilt was.  She was talking about how she had gone to the quilt shop her sister works at and had taken pictures of the quilts her sister had made.  There is was.  I thought I was going to piss my paints, I could not believe that her sister had made it and I was that close to knowing what the name of this quilt was.  I emailed Megan immediately and asked her to ask her sister the name of the quilt.  After doing so I clicked on the picture to see it closer and there was the tag with the name of the quilt.  I googled the name and was amazed that the first link was a quilt shop right here in Minneapolis.  Saturday morning I called the shop and found out the owner of the quilt shop was the designer of the quilt.  After going to Raychel's and giving my Mom her quilt I went to the quilt shop which is only a couple of miles away from Raychel's and there it was.  It was so funny now that I think about it, I went in the shop and found the pattern right away went up and paid for it and practically ran to my car and opened it up and started reading.  I think if anyone was with me they would think I was weird.  Well anyone that might be reading this blog is going to completely understand my excitement. I can't wait to start buying just the right fabric for this one.


Christina said...

Oh yes, all of us quilters TOTALLY understand that one! :)

Quilter Kathy said...

It was meant to be and you were lead right to all the info and inspiration you needed! Cool! I would love to make this quilt's beautiful. Does it look hard to make when you read the instructions?