Monday, March 15, 2010

What I have been quilting

When we left for vacation we were planning on being gone for 5 weeks but ended up coming home a week early. The week before we left Mike had taken Raychel in for a EEG so the Neurologist could figure out why her seizures were not being controlled with her medicine. Well the first Friday we were gone Raychel called to say that the dr had called and explained to her that since the first EEG 3 years prior there has been a lot of damage done to the front right lobe of her brain. This part of the brain I guess controls her short term memory (which has gotten so bad) and motor skills. The dr wanted to see her the next week to go over all of this and I was sick that I could not be there to hear what the dr said. The day came for Raychel to go and due to a snow storm the clinic canceled all appointments for the day. Raychel agreed that she would reschedule the appointment for when we got home. Mike and I decided to shorten our trip by 1 week and come home so we could both go to this appointment with her. The dr also wanted to put her in the hospital and take her off her seizure medicine and watch her have seizures. Raychel has grand mal seizures and after one she is in so much pain due to her body becomes rigid during the seizure. Well long story short Raychel decided that she did not want to hear any more negativity and she was not going. A friend of the family is telling us to just wait this out and for the first time in 4 years she finally has control over herself and what is going to happen to her. This is very hard to sit back and let happen as a parent but she is 30 and we can't make her do anything. So here we sit and wait for her to decide it is time to go.

In returning home a week early that gave me some extra time before going back to work on March 1st. The Thursday before returning to work my boss called and asked if I could be a little more flexible about returning to work. So this week I went back to work for 2 days and the rest of the month I will work 3 days a week, April 4 days a week and then May I will be back full time. As much as my financial budget is screaming get back to work I love being home and working part time. Mike is screaming we have spent enough time together go back to work (just kidding).

So I said that I would write about what I have been sewing since I have come home from our wonderful vacation. Before I left on vacation I had started on a quilt for my Mom's new bed which she got while I was gone. She said she never realized how bad her old bed was, she no longer wakes up with her shoulders and hips hurting. Well here it is:
I still need to get the binding sewn on and hoping I can get that done this week.

My sister in law came for a weekend of sewing and she was able to get 3 quilt tops loaded and quilted. This was her first time on the longarm and was amazed on how much easier it was from my Janome. This is what she worked on:

There was one more quilt that she did that I didn't get a picture of. The multi colored patch quilt her Mom had pieced about 5 years ago and Pat found it in her Mom's stash of fabric. I didn't like it at first but after she got it quilted I loved it. The other quilt is a kit she found at a garage sale and paid $5 for it, it will be a wall hanging I guess.

My nephew is getting married on Saturday and I am trying to finish a quilt that I am doing for him. Tomorrow I will have to stop and get the backing so I can get it loaded and quilted. Hopefully this will all get done before Saturday and can show pictures soon.

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