Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mike and I are suppose to be leaving in 40 minutes for our 5 week vacation but guess who is still in bed? We really wanted to be on the road by 6am because I think it is almost a 10hr ride from Minneapolis to our 1st stop Wichita KS. We will be heading to Phoenix for a week and then off to Vegas for 3 days then Santa Monica for 3 days and then Pomona Ca for 1 week and then back to Phoenix for our last week of vacation.

My goal will be to try and find a quilt shop in every town that we stay in and am hoping that Mike will cooperate. I will not be doing any sewing for the whole 5 weeks but when we come home that Thursday my sister in law is coming to sew with me on that Friday for 2 days. She is anxious to try out the new long arm which I can't imagine life without it. This is why in the past years I have never wanted to try one at quilt shows because I knew at that point I would absolutely hate the setup I had.

I will try and post a few pictures now and then, would hate to bore others.

Till Later

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