Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Mom's bed

My Mom is 83 years old and still works. She worked at the local hospital from 1966 till 2 years ago on the I.V. Team. She now works at Costco serving samples and she loves it. She is not one to sit home day after day. My Mom has always put everyone first no matter what. If she knew someone was going hungry she would feed them first before feeding herself. I truly believe that my Mom is one of the kindest woman I know. I found out recently that she has never had a new bed and the bed she does have she has been putting down blankets and foam to cover the springs coming through. My brothers and I put money together and got her a gift certificate to a local furniture store and to buy herself a new bed. She wanted to wait until spring so that the store would not have to deliver in the cold and snow. We told her that she does not need to worry about this since this is what they do for a job. I decided that this new bed was going to need a new quilt and blue being her favorite color I thought i would do something with half square triangles. After browsing around the blogs I follow for some kind of idea or inspiration I found this quilt made by Red Pepper Quilts which I love her work and the colors she uses. I think this quilt will look great in blues. I have started sewing them together and hopefully I can get it done soon and get it to her before I leave for 5 weeks.


Christina said...

Your moms was meant to be a nurse, it sounds like. So caring. You might have to take her shopping for her new bed and just buy it for her. :) Can't wait to see the finished quilt!

Jean said...

This will be so pretty, can't wait to see it finished. Where are you going?