Sunday, November 28, 2010


Now that all the drama is over (hopefully) I am thinking about all the sewing and quilting that I am going to do over the next 4 months while I am laid off.  Since Mike and I are both on unemployment I will not be shopping for fabric but using my stash as I go along.  I am very excited about this because it will be fun to start on those quilts that I have been wanting to make over the last few years.  I had been printing out pictures & patterns of quilts I wanted to make over the years and then I started running out of room for a place for all these patterns so now I save them to my computer.  I was looking thru the pieces of paper and my laptop and sometimes I wondered why I thought at that time I would liked that particular quilt.  I have gone from liking very uniform quilts to very scrappy quilts.  Problem with scrappy quilts you need a lot of scraps.  I was thinking about going to the second hand store and buy shirts but with that problem you end up with everything but 100% cotton.  My SIL's Mom uses any kind of fabric and I don't like the way it stretches so out of place so the second hand stores are not a option.  I will have to make due with what I have and I'm sure I will be just fine as I look at all my fabric. 

I always think I need more fabric and this is just part of that sewing disease.


Amy said...

When I go to thrift store I only buy 100% cotton shirts,or flannel shirts and sleep pants..Good for them raggy quilts.I know what ya mean about different fabrics I found a quilt made with poly % wool..the wool shrunk and the poly stretched.

Kia said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and really glad I did.
Your quilts look amazing!
I am going to make a quilt in the new year, as a surprise for my mum.

I really enjoyed reading your blog :)
Kia xx