Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What a sad day

Anthony passed away today this is also the day my Dad died 5 years ago.  My Dads long time friend, John, died 2 years ago today.  This seems so odd to me but like Kris my sister in law said this almost is comforting to have them pass away on the same day to know that Dad is there guiding Anthony thru his next journey.  I had to work today because Shari, my boss, is in Russia adopting a little girl and what else is really weird 5 years ago today Shari was in the Ukraine adopting her son, Tom.  I think April 27th from now on should be skipped in the future.  I have decided that my niece, Abby, who is 14 is probably the most heart felt little girl I have ever known.  When my Dad died Abby crawled up into Grandpa's bed laid her head on his chest and said good bye and told him that she loved him.  This morning Abby laid her head on Anthony's shoulder and said goodbye to him and said the time he died.  If she is this way as a child I can't imagine what a wonderful adult she will be.

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