Thursday, April 22, 2010

My sister in law, Pat, is coming  for the weekend.  There is a horse show at the fair grounds that she goes to every year and to quilt some quilt tops.  She wants to buy a Quilters Cruise Control for my machine.  I really would feel horrible having her make that kind of a purchase, she says she owes me for letting her come here and use my machine.  I don't know about anyone else but I love having company come over and sew with me.  I love sewing alone but I laugh a lot more when Pat is here sewing.  I understand the whole quilting retreats but I would not be comfortable going to something by myself so I have my own quilt retreats here at my house and only 1 comes. 

Anthony's parents are still battling about what to do, his EEG and MRI came back the same as last week.  The only part of the brain that is functioning is the part that makes his heart beat, his lungs to breath and his other organs working.  There is no other brain function there that would by a slight chance be what makes Anthony - Anthony.  I had a friend that her daughter was in a horrible car accident and she like Anthony had so much brain damage that her body was just there.  It took that family 11 months to finally make a decision to let their daughter go and that 11 months was hell for them.  I can't imagine and am so thankful for never having to be in that position to make such a decision. 

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