Friday, April 16, 2010

I don't know if I have every expressed her how much I love Fridays but I really love Friday.  It means that I have 2 full days off work.  My job or should I say the work environment is very stressful and by the time Friday comes I need to get away from there.  

The other day as I was reading through blogs and I came across this picture of this quilt on Rosebud's Cottage blog. 

I fill in love with this quilt and the colors.  She was talking about visiting the Moda warehouse and how they come up with ideas for quilts that the shop owners can display.  I looked around for a pattern and really could not find anything.  I REALLY want to make this quilt so I am going to try and figure it out.  I really reminds me of Autumn and as much as that is my favorite season I really am enjoying our unusual Spring in Minnesota.  We don't normally have mid 70's in April but who is complaining.  Back to the quilt I am going to figure out what fabrics I have and what I might have to purchase and get this quilt made.

Raychel is going to come over so she can do the 10 loads of laundry I guess she has and teach her how to use her sewing machine.  She is very interested in making purses, not bags but purses.  She has drawn out a lot of designs and hopefully I can help her put them into reality.  Her short term memory has been damaged so much from the seizures so this might be a real challenge for her.
My brother and his family have decided to give Anthony a few more days to see if there are any signs of improvement.  There is so much brain damage and I guess the only part of the brain that is working is the part that controls his heart beating, his breathing, major organs and his body temperature.  They are going to do another EEG and MRI on Tuesday and then meet again on Wednesday morning and if still no change they will move him into hospice.  I love my kids, husband, family and friends and not sure if I say that enough but I really do and will start telling them more.

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