Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I was wondering how many blogs others follow?  I have so many blogs in my list on Google Reader and I enjoy them all and every so often I add a new one on.  Well what happens to me is I will be at work reading thru the blogs I follow and at least every day I print out a picture of a quilt that I have falling in love with and want to some day try and make.  I now have 4 3-ring binders full of all these pieces of papers of quilt pictures.  Am I the only one that does this?  I think if I bring home one more picture and put in on the dining room table when I walk in Mike is going to take all my pieces of paper and shred them.  My sister in law laughs at all my papers when she comes over to hang out.  I know there is no way I will ever make all the quilts I want to but I sure am going to try.


Christina said...

I do that, only instead of printing, I am usually saving links in a folder. :)

Your blog is looking so pretty!

Stephanie said...

Kathy, I do the same thing! Except what I do is save the picture to my computer if I am at home. I have a folder of pictures called "Quilts I love". When I am not at home and if I see something I can't live without then I copy and paste them into an email to myself. I rarely print them out because then I would be like you and not have enough space for it.

Meanwhile, I am glad you found me at my blog and that you are considering joining the

WEDNESDAY WEIGH-IN group! Can't wait to get you know you better.


Jean said...

Maybe some day you could make a block or two from each one you love and put them together into a sampler quilt. That way you could try them all. That is part of it, trying the new things out, doncha think?

Lana said...

OH, I HEAR YA! I am like you, I have all these patterns and when I do want to make one, I either have the wrong materials, or I am already working on another item and tell myself I will wait and do that one next...LOL! By the way, I am at work, on my lunch hour right now, and I am about to add you to my follow list! I really like your blog. :)