Sunday, October 5, 2008

Two weeks ago we took our motor home out to our sister-in-law, Pat, for a celebration of her husband, my husband's brother's passing away. We took the motor home because Raychel had not been doing well and it was a 2-1/2 hour drive. That evening when we left we had a belt brake and ended up using AAA to haul the motor home back to Pats. We finally got out there yesterday to work on it and after Mike putting in new spark plugs, new belt, new spark plug wires, oil change it still did not work. This morning he realized that we now have a cracked cylinder head. This is a very expensive fix. Pat said we can leave it out there for the winter if we need to.

Out of all of this mess I got to spend the afternoon with Pat going to quilt shops in her area. I am so proud of myself, I did not make a single purchase, even thou I really did come across some great deals and beautiful fabrics. I have decide that I really need to get thru the material I already have. Mike will be going on unemployment for the winter with the season coming to an end. I really need to watch my pennies this winter. I won't be watching pennies because Mike is laid off but with the economy the way it is heading I feel the need to be financially responsible. Sometimes I hate being a grownup.

I only have a few hours left of this weekend and I am heading down to my sewing room to finish ripping out thread from Ellie's quilt.

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