Friday, October 31, 2008

I have made a decision and that is I am going to put the quilt I am making for Kris away for right now. Her birthday is in May so I have time.

I have this pattern and I want to use batiks on it. I have never done a wall hanging and this will be my first one to work on. I will have to stop at the store to get the batiks on my way home tonight. I have never worked with batiks before and I hear that it is very nice material to work with. It is a pattern that I will be able to cut out quickly and put together quickly, hopefully done before the end of the weekend.

Raychel is not well and will probably be back in the hospital before the weekend is over. A month ago she had a severe liver damage from taking Tylenol Cold and Flu for 2 days. This happened from being so malnourished and her body not being able to flush it thru and in turn did liver damage. She is really trying to hold off from going. I will have to work around her needs.

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Jean said...

How sad. Must be so hard to live through this.