Saturday, October 11, 2008

I started working on my sewing room today trying to get things under control. I actually have many things I want to get done and I have the list. I am not pushing myself that I have to get these things done right now. It is a long list and I know that once it is all done I will feel so much better but it is going to take time. Having Raychel in the hospital or taking care of her for the last 2-1/2 years has really effected the home front. She is worth it and I have been telling myself that things will get better and I will take control again. I think this is my first true weekend home in a long long time and I am loving it.

I did get Ellie's quilt reloaded so that I can fix the screw up in the beginning of the machine quilting. I have 1 quilt top that needs to be done, I have one that was quilted and some ripping out and needs to be redone and then there is my Dad's memory quilt that I need to put the binding on. Going thru my stuff I have realized that I don't need to buy any more books or magazines. I also have found material that I forgot I had, I need to get it out of the bags and onto a shelf so I won't forget I have it.

I love material, but everyone does right?

Till later

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Jean said...

It always feels good to clean out and reorganize your work area, then you are ready to go again....I know what you mean about the fabric...I am a fabricaholic too!