Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Is it just me or is it amazing that it is August 1st?  I have no idea where this summer has gone.  We did get the pots on our deck potted but i think there are plants in the tray that never got planted.  This year I feel like I struggled to get anything done, very frustrating.

My nephew graduated this year from high school and had promised his mom I would do a t-shirt quilt, never Again!  When Kris asked me to do the quilt I thought oh, ok this should not be any big deal cut out some shirts and put sashing between them, WRONG!  I should have known better because my sister in law does not do any just normal.  Her house is beautifully decorated and there is nothing in her house that you could say "oh I've seen that before".  Amazing where she finds things.  Well here is the quilt:

I told Patrick's sisters that they can pick out a different kind of quilt.  I know thou when the time comes I will do another one for them because I can't say no.  I think the problem with doing that quilt is my sister in law didn't realize what goes into making one and she gave me the shirts 5 weeks before I had to have it done.  If I didn't work maybe that wouldn't have been a problem.  Oh well it's done and I'm very happy with how it turned out.

As I was saying it is August 1st and that means Autumn will be here soon and this is the time of the year I love to go camping.  We always try to get one camping trip in with Raychel and last year she went but didn't get out of the motor home but at least she was with us.  This year she is doing better and hopefully will be able to come sit outside with us. 

Raychel is holding her own right now.  She gets her nutrition every night and her blood test were starting to show that it was working but now it has leveled off but still not in the normal range.  We do know that it is starting to effect her kidneys besides the issues with the liver.  Every day I wake up and am so thankful to still have her in our lives.  Yesterday she was very upset about something and as I said to her she was throwing a tantrum at the age of 33.  She was blaming Grandma and I for the dumbest things but I was not going to let her do this to us.  Grandma is great at saying it's ok she's sick and I try to tell her and Raychel that just because she is so ill does not give her the right to be mean.  Well yesterday was horrible and I was not going to tolerate it and she was mad.  When I finally got home from work I cried for the longest time and Mike just sat and held me and told me it was ok what I had done.  I told him I was so afraid of her dying and her or I being so mad at the other.  The saying "never go to bed mad" is a good way to live.  By the end of the night we had talked and she was calmed down but I think she realized that this was not the way to handle things. 

This weekend won't come soon enough.  Mike is working out of town on Friday and then out at the Minnesota Zoo on Saturday so most of the weekend will be mine to do as I please.  I have 1 quilt top almost ready to load on the frame and then 2 others cut out and ready to start on.  Next Saturday the 11th I am meeting Barb, my blog friend, in Stillwater to go to a couple of quilt shops and of course have breakfast.  I'm really looking forward to spending time with her.  For some reason we can only seem to get together once a year and hopefully that can change.

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