Saturday, May 12, 2012

 Yesterday after work I drove out to my sister in laws to spend the night.  I love being on the farm, it is so quilt and peaceful.  We started sewing right after dinner and continued until I could not stay awake.  I knew that doing this would get me sewing again which I needed so bad.

This was a quilt I had started before leaving for California back in January and really needed to finish and I did.  

 I always love the bright color quilts but they just don't seem to fit with my house.  I don't know what I think this because I am not much of a decorator but I do love color.

Today my intentions were to head back home to go hang out with Raychel.  She had a few good days this last week and was hoping that today will be a good one for her.  She wanted to go to Target which as most people know that is not a quick or cheap trip especially for Raychel. Well I got to Raychel's and she just was not up for it.  She had a bad seizure on Thursday and every since that she has been sleeping a lot which is normal for her after having one.  Usually the sleeping does not last this long and she says she just does not feel good.  Hoping that this is not the beginning of some kind of infection.

When I got home Mike and I decided to go on a bike ride and road for about 15 miles.  Some days I wish I had an electric bike so that when I got tired I could just stop peddling.  Now that would not be very healthy.

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Eilidhbelle said...

I love this quilt, it is gorgeous! Love the colours!