Sunday, April 10, 2011


Back in January I purchased this book.

I originally purchased this book because I loved the pattern on the front cover.  As soon as I got the book home I started going thru it and came across this page.

I fill in love with this project.  I had not done any applique but I had been wanting to learn how to do it.  I totally forgot why I got this book in the first place.  I have watched a lot of youtube videos that others have done on applique and I have to say I have learned a lot over time.  I first start with freezer paper and get everything cut out and pressed.  When I start sewing my pieces down I remove the freezer paper so I can practice turning with my needle with a little help from the pressing I did in the beginning.  I have tried doing just needle turn but that is a true art and hoping with practice I will get it. 

Mine is not looking as good as the one in the book but I know it will be one that I will hang in my sewing room for myself to enjoy.

My stems and flowers on the end of each stem are pinned down.  I am amazed how quickly the hand sewing is going,  It is so relaxing.  I really wish I had this project when we drove from Minnesota to California.  This would have really passed the time.

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Barb said...

Oh my gosh, I love that pattern too....and you did a fabulous job!!