Thursday, June 3, 2010

So I saw that a lot of quilters were making this Wonky quilt block and I had to try it out.  I did not read the directions like I should have and after cutting all the fabric I notice that my both sides of fabric were to be facing the same way.  Needless to say I have only enough to do 2 smaller lap quilts instead of 1 large quilt.  Boy this makes me mad but no one to blame but myself.  I will have 2 very cute lap quilts to give as baby present and my niece who just had a baby will get the first one.

This quilt I saw a picture of back on this site and I feel in love with it and had to make one of my own.  I'm not sure why I wanted to make such a dark quilt but it really did get my interest. 

Here is a quilt I started 4 years ago one weekend I was at my sister in laws house for a weekend sewing retreat. I finally decided that I would finish it for my boss who is adopting a 6 year old from Russia.  I have a total of 63 blocks to make.  These are the ones I made 4 years ago.  I am about 3/4 of the way thru making the other 60 and it will be so nice to have this quilt made and in the hands of someone that will love it. 

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Jean said...

You've been busy! I have been sort of out of the blogging world of late, too much going on, but now that school is out I hope to start making the rounds again!