Wednesday, May 20, 2009

OMG in Minnesota yesterday it hit 97 degrees, you might say so, but on Saturday we had frost warnings. The weather here can be so weird going from spring to summer. Today it is suppose to be 94 and tomorrow 68. So unbelievable. We have company coming tomorrow from Ft Dodge Iowa and my house really needs to be cleaned. Mike is home this week and seems to think the outside needs all the attention. I will not go work out tonight (so sad) so I can come home and start cleaning.

Kris's birthday is Sunday and I only have a little bit of the binding to finish sewing down. Hopefully I can finish it while watching American Idol tonight. I will take a picture of her with it and post.

Oh by the way I turn 50 tomorrow so weird just the other day I was giving birth to Raychel and she turns 30 in July. I have friends that have journals about everything in their life and I wish I had. It would be so fun to go back and read my life's history, or maybe not there were some pretty rough patches.

These are the things nice about being this 50:
My children are grown but still need me sometimes.
The friends I have are true friends and here for the rest of our lives.
My mortgage is half paid off (we bought this house when I was 35).
I only have 12 years before I can retire and really start to party.
I really know what is important in life because I have learned from my mistakes.
I am friends with my kids not just Mom.

The only sad thing about being 50:
My Mom is 82, healthy, but my Dad is no longer here. I wish as I got older my parents had stopped growing old so we could grow old together. I love my Mom and Dad and am so happy for the life they have given me.

It is going to be a very busy weekend so I hope everyone has a great 3 day weekend. I will have a 4 day weekend since my boss seemed to think I would need a day to recover. The party is on Saturday but I won't argue and will take the day off.



Amy said...

have a great day!! heck take the whole WEEK!!!

Christina said...

Ohmygosh! I missed it! Happy birthday! :) I hope you find lots of fabric in bags and boxes. Take lots of photos at your party tonight!