Thursday, November 3, 2011


Saturday is approaching fast and I am so excited because it is the day I finally get to talk to Barb in person.  I have been talking (actually emailing) Barb for probably 3 years now and she also is a quilter which is how we connected.  Barb's job was helping disabled people apply and get benefits that are out there but probably would not find on their own.  Barb answered questions while I was applying for social security for my daughter, Raychel.  When you have a family member become disabled it is so hard to get someone the help they need and trying to figure out all the hoops that you have to go thru to get the benefits.  Anyways we are meeting!  We are going to meet for breakfast and then hit 3 quilt shops.  What a perfect way to spend a Saturday. 

I know that this is off the quilting subject but just an update on Raychel.  Last December Raychel weighted in at 131 pounds which was a hard journey from 76 pounds.  For some reason that we cannot figure out right now she has dropped to 94 pounds.  She went in last week for a complete physical and her doctor ordered some blood test but the clinic was not successful getting any blood.  They were poking her arms and then tried the veins in her feet without success.  She went to the cancer center at the hospital figuring they were use to patients that are hard sticks.  Out of 10 tubes of blood that they needed for all her test they were able to get 1/2 a tube.  I am hoping that it is enough to run the important blood test that might show why she is losing weight.  We are working on just thinking positive thoughts and trying to keep her thinking positively also.

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