Monday, December 27, 2010

Another Year

I am so thankful that Raychel made it thru this year as well as she did.  Raychel is the on on the far left and this picture was taken on May, 2009.  At this point we were just living day by day with her and not knowing what the next day was going to hand us.  Mel is the one in the middle and on this day she brought Raychel a protein drink made by Bolthouse and it was at that point that Raychel started living again.  She had been living with a feeding tube that was not working and once she started drinking the protein shakes she started putting on weight, her hair started growing back and her skin was becoming not so thin.
This picture was taken on Saturday, December 25, 2010.  Raychel is the one in the black and white checked shirt.  I believe in miracles!
Raychel came over on Friday morning and stayed with Mike and I until yesterday afternoon.  Now Mike and I have gotten very accustomed to just it being us and we enjoy the quiet in the evening.  Well Raychel is not a quite person and we were so happy to drop her off at home yesterday but then I reminded Mike that we are very thankful that she can be loud and annoying at times. 
I am very excited to see what  2011 brings.

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