Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Well I was thinking that I was just going to have 1 private blog for just myself and then I realized that I miss the other bloggers out there that I have met. When I deleted this blog it said that I would have 60 days to change my mind and guess what I did? I miss getting others opinions on what I"m thinking and what I had made.

I have a story to tell and it is amazing how this story came to be. I had hurt my leg and was sitting around on a Thursday night about 3 weeks ago. I was surfing the quilterblogs website. I love this website. As I was paging thru looking at others blogs and quilts I came across this blog which I passed by and then backed up and read it again. Yes Cathy was giving away this longarm . I commented on the blog right away and then thinking no I am going to email her directly. Well within 10 minutes the longarm was mine. I had Nolting ship her a shipping carton and then arranged for UPS to pick it up. I was so excited and could not believe that this had happened. I kept waiting to hear that she had changed her mind and thank God she didn't. Well 1-1/2 weeks later it was at my door. I never had a clue what a difference it would be from my 9-1/2" Janome to a 18" Nolting the control is unbelievable. I was for sure if I was going to have to get a stitch regulator and I found out I don't. I'm not saying that I don't have a huge learning curve in front of me but that's ok. I am frustrated with the tension issue that I am having/had but I think as I work thru it I will come to understand how the tension works. I have read that some people never have to adjust theirs and some that have to adjust it every time they load a quilt top. I have a lot of fabric that I would never use for practice and I'm so glad that I kept all those pieces of batting that I trimmed off. I'm not sure about using pantographs my frame is all set up for it I'm just not sure about being behind the machine. I guess it will be practice, practice, practice. I bought a book on Amazon on Sunday night it is called ABCs of Longarm Quilting I think this book is going to help me alot. I am suppose to go to Mary's a longarm quilter that I have been reading for a long time. She lives very close and is willing to share her knowledge with me and I can't wait.

Well who ever read my blog before is stuck with me again. It is good to be back.

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